♫♪  Joana Gama, Luís Fernandes - “Through the Vibrant Air”

We will meet at the still point of the turning world, where our contradictions clash. Loss and light. Metal and water. A soundless spot where the wind can be felt, but not heard. Bliss descends like rain and anxiety rise like heat. The ground moves beneath us, but somehow we’re still. It’s the center of a four-dimensional shape, simultaneously being pulled apart and being put back together. Strings and horns. Mono and stereo.

When we meet, we’ll have to work together and against each other to keep our footing. The force of the wind will push up, the spinning of the earth will throw us, but the silence and stillness will help us stay put. In stories, a purgatory is a heavenless place painted white. However, it’s gray here, and heaven and hell both invade me a million times a minute. Nostalgia and dementia.

Stream “Through the VIbrant Air,” below and pre-order the full release, At The Still Point Of The Turning World,” on vinyl or digitally via Room40.

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