Joe Knight (of Rangers)
“Walk in Closet”

Like most of his laid-back pond-dwelling/beach-combing, Joe Knight toasts another slow-burner adrift the rest of them mallards and gulls. Only this time as himself, rather than using his Rangers moniker. Which is straight, whatever. Peeps go through name changes all the time. And all this lingering guitar is starting to remind me more of the trip home, when mom needs milk at the grocery store, and you’re stuck in the car for an hour waiting on… milk. She comes back with a cart full of food; you have sand everywhere; and the dog in the car next to y’all (aptly named Evil Woof Czar) has been killed in your space-age imagination over a dozen times now. “Just grabbed a few other things,” says mom, and now you wonder why such rebellion against spending money and shitty foods exists. Next times ya hit up your local waterfront (when you’re seven or eight), hide in the “Walk in Closet.” Find yourself your own youth.

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