♫♪  John Dope & Rahim Samad - “Fat in ‘14 (ft. Broke/)”

This Saturday was some great times in Brooklyn. Cassette Store Day was remarkable. Met a bunch of great people. Caught up with a few I haven’t seen in awhile. And Daniel Bashin (Dirty Tapes CEO, COO, CFO, CTO) killed it on the cassette jockey scene. So, I’m super stoked to hear what’s next, and that is exactly John Dope & Rahim Samad newest track “Fat in ‘14 (ft. Broke/).”

With Broke/ on the vocals and John Dope & Rahim Samad on the production scene, music has never got grimier. p90 tuckin’, snot boogies, literal and otherwise, that pump up, forest-fires of smoke, untouchable echoing, sniping down, rap guillotine, Lenard Coen of rap, etc. The piano goes full beat here, amongst drum kit fiddling. Entirely fat vibed.

If you think there’s a beat scene outside of New York, please come back. Dirty Tapes is one of the forerunners. Catch up!

• John Dope: https://soundcloud.com/johnfuckingdope
• Rahim Samad: https://www.facebook.com/RahimSamadMC
• Dirty Tapes: https://soundcloud.com/dirtytapes

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