♫♪  John Krausbauer - “Blues for the Grave” (excerpt)

Noise music can be a difficult genre to process, especially when most releases contain songs that hover around or above the ten minute mark. In the fast paced click-bait loving world of music blogging, noise and other strands of cerebral experimental music can get left by the wayside. And, in some instances, noise and drone can be very homogenous, and I’ll often forget what I’ve listened to the second its over. Not so with Seattle’s Debacle Records. Their latest release, and first of 2k15, comes courtesy of West Coast journeyman John Krausbauer. Blues for the Grave “was conceptualized in Oregon, worked on in the Bay, and recorded in LA,” and the excerpt below, while merely a sliver of the full album, showcases the delicate tonal dissonance that unfolds over the record’s thirty minutes. Available on CD and digital, for an uninterrupted listening experience, Blues for the Grave is a proper kick off to the year for Debacle and for Krausbauer. Pre-order that disc here so you can get yours before the record drops April 17th (that’s Friday, yo!).

• Debacle Records: http://www.debaclerecords.com

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