♫♪  Johnny Jewel - “Windswept” (Saxophone & Rhodes Piano)

I’m in the dark woods dancing. I’m in the dark woods crying. I’m thinking about the Tremonds, about trois mondes, about the three bardos, about my rebirth. I’m thinking about the Great Liberation through Hearing, and I hear myself: reverberating inside of time, outside of time. I’m in a loop, and it’s suffocating. I’m in a loop, and I’m crying.

What will be in the darkness that remains?

Is it about the bunnies?

What is a reflection?

What is your name?

“Windswept (Saxophone & Rhodes Piano)” is an unreleased version of one of our Favorite 50 Songs of 2017. According to Welcome to Twin Peaks, the Italians Do It Better label is planning “‘something special’ regarding the Twin Peaks sessions” for January 2018. More soon.

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