♫♪  Jon Fay - Untitled

Mörk — the dub-leaning offshoot of mighty London techno imprint Lobster Theremin — is celebrating their 10th release this month with Untitled, the debut of American producer Jon Fay.

Record opener “1271” (streamable below) sets the tone: heavy 4/4 anchored in dark ambience, thick and unsettling pads, impossibly huge echo on the track’s central percussion that makes it sound like the whole thing is being mixed from the bottom of some long-forgotten cave. Classically dub, it fits well into the Mörk house sound while establishing enough distinctive flourishes (see: the down-tuned spoken word rave sample) to hold its own; Fay’s many submerged details in the mix should only become more fun to pick through as the weather starts to get cold, and one can brood to it properly.

Untitled starts shipping July 26, with the digital edition available on the 29. Pre-order it here.

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