♫♪  JP Moregun - JP Moregun

JP Moregun starts off with one of the saddest-song samples of all time. And no matter how contextually it doesn’t match — in terms of original to the track’s sampling — literally, I already connect to the reappropriation because this is my fucking feel right now. That in-transition, hella hyped about he job, but the commute a heart-attack in this humidity, so that extra credit Jeremiah Jae and PBDY collaboration to get the adrenaline pumping natural work wonders with a play-button in JP Moregun. Immediately, my valves get blood rushing like face to face with a barrel of roulette: $20 on white. But Black Jack ultimately wins with 21, and never again the odds scale this good in 2016. Low-end in the dingy. Melodies like, “I found it that way, officer.” JP Moregun on the slang. Cat-food hiding spots. Piles of brilliance. Jeremiah Jae and PBDY reign supreme:

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