♫♪  J/R - Works of Friction

Look: wax. Like from bees.

It seems like the rest of the world didn’t mourn the disappearance of DIY imprint Housecraft Recordings nearly as much as I did, but that’s okay. I’m not here to judge. Not in the least. I’m only here to make passive-aggressive, poorly constructed statements guised as humor. Really, it’s fine you didn’t notice their hiatus. Seriously. It’s fine.

But, guess what? You guessed it: Housecraft has risen from the dead and is back to putting out physical objects of the musical variety. Yay!

Their newest release, J/R’s Works of Friction, provides all the jagged, patched and stitched boogie-oggies you could ever handle. Dense, fragmented, and quite groovy, the whole thing feels like mixing diamond guts with lipped down splattered goose linen, ya know? It’s like sneaking hits in the shower as the room’s fragrances bleed wet together, all while ruminating on multiple, fogged subjects.

Works of Friction is available in a limited edition of 33 handcrafted lathe cut records. Dig the economy of tone arm atonement below.

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