♫♪  Jules Venturini - “Flying Kites”

This new one from the ever-exciting London label Whities is initially hard to pin down. Jules Venturini’s “Flying Kites” — the opener from the Londoner’s newest 12-inch Whities 014 — traverses a wide territory over its 11-minute playtime. Elements both organic (a thoroughly believable string section) and synthetic (electronic bleeps, occasional whirring electronics, digital voices) merge in the track’s first half to delightful, disorienting effect. Obviously, something is brewing.

Six minutes in is when that said brew is complete, when the kites start flying, when things click, when a “This Is A Whities Release” sticker is stamped on the track. “Flying Kites” is nice and groovy, after all. A warm kick, relentlessly shiny cymbals, and catchy vocal samples: Venturini is obviously a gifted producer, and mixing credits on a Korn release only confirm that (right?).

Whities 014 releases in full on November 24.

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