♫♪  Julia Holter - “Goddess Eyes”

While walking through Penn Sunday, I heard a lady music-ing for scrill, and thought to myself: she probably get more listeners and $$ on the internet. Then again, because of technology, the human aspect in music is way questionable now. If you’ve found yourself at the human/technology crossroad in your current-music listening experience, look no further. Julia Holter embodies the wasteland of internet music, utilizing musique concrète as digital-void before emerging into tiny pop melodies. Think Maria Minerva, only more of that Dolphins into the Future field-found recording. And the distance she creates between music and emptiness in each track is the same grace Matthew Barney uses in the Drawing Restraint project(s). Thankfully, Leaving Records not only made Tragedy a part of my top 25 of 2011, but they repressed it for 500 copies (out yesterday). “Goddess Eyes” being the shortest, poppy-est version of her struggle between human and technology-driven art.

• Julia Holter: http://juliashammasholter.com
• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com

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