♫♪  Juliana Huxtable - “SV3 (POWER GOT CUT OFF)”

From House of Ladosha, artist Juliana Huxtable serves us the newest mix for her trans*queer Shock Value parties in NYC. Similarly to DJs from labels like Night Slugs and Gang Fatale, she combines cold, heartless UK instrumental grime with banging US hip-hop and R&B, creating a satisfying tension that is more feminine and American than the British artists mixing similarly. The fact that Juliana practices in different mediums is clear: the set is not only danceable, but visual, political, and emotional. In her sets, she likes to pepper in disparate musical genres and sound bites (anything from Judith Butler, to opera, to a GrubHub voicemail) that function to create a full world’s soundscape rather than just a set.

“SV3 (POWER GOT CUT OFF)” is notable for its layering of almost entire tracks over others, so much so that many of the transitions exist as their own equally appreciated track. In the past couple of months, Juliana has been rising in the New York scene as a DJ, becoming even more visible than she already is and developing a specific and important voice, which is both exciting and political in the large-majority white, cis male-dominated world of electronic production. Plus, check out her well-curated Instagram!

• Juliana Huxtable: http://t.co/6bll0G2etO

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