♫♪  Julius Smack - Falling

I guess it depends on which direction you are looking in and whether your eyes are wide-eyed or fearfully shut, but we are indeed moving. Dragging culture by the inertia of societal crisis (!), a dash of half-assed political pioneering (?!), leaving behind the shreds of rubber to fly off into the blue sky well behind us. Falling is just begging the question of whether we are indeed in free-fall or just tumbling forward. Apathetically canon-balling into the horizon, pearls unclutched for once? Perhaps the darker fall, with all the velocity of a fraying, overripe fruit? We all know how either story ends; the only question is whether you’ll be along for the ride with Julius Smack. Lamenting the onset of soft society, but too overwhelmed to focus and care, for that matter.

Julius Smack’s Falling is out now on Noumenal Loom. Listen here:

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