♫♪  Just Chris - The Christening

Is this the year I start putting hip-hop mixtapes on Chocolate Grinder?! I don’t know, I guess so. I’m not really a mixtape guy or anything, but this guy named Chris (“Just Chris”) sent an e-mail over that contained the following copy:

I was in Monaco on my cousin’s yacht (he’s a multi millionaire) and Leonardo Di Caprio (yes that titanic guy) was on his yacht but it wasn’t as ”wavy” as ours so he got down from his and came to join us, my cousin’s friend handed him a bottle of Dom Perignon and told him to pick a lady (they were lined up), that was the night I tasted the baller lifestyle.

here’s my mixtape : https://soundcloud.com/mylifeissadsometimes/sets/the-christening

my aim is to inspire/motivate people to wanna live above

And I felt like that was worth a click and an aural stroll. Time well spent. Spend yours:

• Just Chris: https://soundcloud.com/mylifeissadsometimes

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