♫♪  KAGAMI Smile - M O U T H T R I P

Beat work is running rampant these days. You got D/P/I’s programing in Composure, Paisley Parks keeping the comedy with
, and DJ Fultono’s minimal orchestration flipping My Mind Beats Vol. 1, it’s about someone like KAGAMI Smile dropped a maximum on M O U T H T R I P. Brought to listeners by BLCR Laboratories, KAGAMI Smile designs a world of crossing signals so slugged the dance floor surface may never be found to work feet upon. M O U T H T R I P finds itself densely colliding with screw and noise, while keeping it’s modern junk motifs strong in all the right ways. Like a slow motion run of someone covered in their weight’s worth of sweat, and then realizing it’s not actually slow motion, but real life. Tread some water. Voice:

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