♫♪  Kakarot - “Port Harcourt (Shriekin’ Orchestral Remix)”

In everything I’ve heard from Shriekin’ (a.k.a. Shriekin’ Specialist), I’m always shocked at how epic and massive his compositions can feel even though they’re being made from tiny, sound effect-y samples, like some sprawling Game Boy Color game. With “Port Harcourt,” the grime producer pulls the original both sillier and lower brow, and more “orchestral” and higher brow. Although there are a ton of sounds being heard in the track, the silence in between is so palpable, which for me, is the most effective part. I think that emptiness does deaden the style for some listeners, but Shriekin’ is more concerned with the full journey, which is why I think his work is best appreciated when he has even more time to showcase it (Check out the 100% Shriekin’ Boxed Mix).

The longer you listen, the more you realize how the perceived emptiness is a style rather than a void of feeling. Although by no means do I discount how Port Harcourt creates an emotionally effective beginning, middle, and end. And with mostly beeps and boops.

• Kakarot: https://soundcloud.com/kakarotmakesmusic
• Shriekin’: https://soundcloud.com/shriekin
• Local Action Records: https://soundcloud.com/localactionrecords

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