♫♪  Kali Malone - “Locus of Repetition”

I imagine labyrinthine collective Ascetic House—who just got a great write up on Bandcamp daily—clanging through the desert, through the city, through the cosmos like Howl’s Moving Castle.

Creatives tinker in its generous tummy. Current guests gather for dinner and all others Skype in. Smoke twirls forth from a wayward chimney with a hint of organ music tangled in it. Keys depress on board somewhere deep within, although no one’s there to play it. It’s been programmed.

Through the closet, through the cloisters, I suspend my disbelief as I do when feeling the beauty of Kali Malone’s recent Ascetic release Organ Dirges 2016-2017. The cassette has already sold out so forthwith I will enjoy this snippet as if listening to the milky whispers of a ghost. Other ghosts appear, in my dreams, in my feed, and all along invisible ships disappear into wistful mists.

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