♫♪  Kallie Lampel - Revisiting

Curiosity always entails a bit of Revisiting, and this is exactly the sorta creativity Kallie Lampel dabbles within. As an explorer of audible and sonic dimensions, Kallie Lampel entices the listener with just enough information to hear so their patience is never tested, but challenged to move forward with individual creativity. Whatever the mind can conjure up from the makings of “Audio-Technica turntable, Sony, Marantz, and RCA cassette recorders, RCA microcassette recorder, Korg DS-8, Zoom H2n, Fender guitars, Ari’s toy yamaha synth, Casio SK-1, Moog Little Phatty, Radio, Ableton Live 8,” Revisiting will not disappoint the direction being taken and the mysteries that they blossom and unlock.

I had the opportunity to see Kallie Lampel game once at Brooklyn Station in the back, and since the sound of the venue wasn’t fantastic, it really heightened measures of sounds being used. It made me think of what exactly was getting out of control, as well as how much composure was being delivered. Kallie Lampel for real just looked like things were taking their own course just fine, cross-legged on the flood of that stage, courageously searing the Brooklyn air with sonic delight.

Plug in Revisiting to find that mood and more:

• Kallie Lampel: https://kallielampel.bandcamp.com

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