♫♪  Kane West - Western Beats

If you think you’ve got the PC Music vibes all figured out — you’ve pre-ordered the energy drink and feel the all beautiful hubbub like a wisdom tooth gone rouge — hold up.

Kane West gives us Western Beats, which (in a way) is my favorite thing that’s happened all year. This mix is aimed to please while also laying its materials bare. Thankfully, he’s helping all of us radically revise/enjoy/beat-up those 15 standard conceptual impulses that seem to find their way into many a “Western” beat (in 2014) or many a “Western” painting (in 1907).

1. “gameset” contains a Super Smash Bros. sample.
2. “baby how could we be wrong” risks it by introducing subtle, confident romance early on.
3. “power of social media” (?) LOL.
4. “preview” has the vogue Macintosh voice (maybe the same voice that deadpanned the famed Blunt-ian “what you did was wrong, wrong” moment) forgoing ethics altogether in favor of gibberish.
5. “good price” you know… buying things? (money, money, money).
6. “pr” really goes for it, contains a mid-song BPM change, etc.
7. “goin crazy,” song of the year?

Everything’s in there to make for some great “Western Beats.”

Here it is :) :

• Kane West: https://soundcloud.com/kane-west-official
• PC Music: http://pcmusic.info

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