♫♪  Katrina Stonehart + The Spookfish - Katrina Stonehart + The Spookfish

Like cracked enamel or a wall lined with paint blisters, this collaborative EP produced by Brooklynite drone-slingers Katrina Stonehart and The Spookfish is a construction riddled with lovely decay. Each artist in question has scraped out their complete discographies on a bed of overlapping newspapers, the combined spillage of velvety fuzz-pop forming a clumped mass of pumpkin innards that stains yesterday’s Major League box scores.

The pair fill droppers with acid, dot their vegetable canvas with enzyme pellets, and leave the innards out to rot. Humming synths eat into cassette-recorded tissue like circling fruit flies, cassette spools warping beneath breached flesh as Stonehart and Spookfish paint these tragic contortions with impasto acrylics. Hanging on an apartment wall, framed in tarnished metal, their combined efforts sustain decay for as long as the product lasts.

Pick up Katrina Stonehart + The Spookfish via Rok Lok Records here.

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