♫♪  Kazuya Suwa - “a first question and big yes”

Yo, dip into this:

3D rendering except if you rendered the 3D image to look like plastic or some shit. Like this. An artisinal cupcake but melted. Like this. Sprinkles on toast. Like this.

Say, you ever played video games? Sure you have. But have you ever had a dream about a video game? You remember what it looked like? Sure you do. But do you remember what it sounded like?

Hey, you’re walking through a sunny park, some metropolitan outcropping of foliage, mid-fall, and you’re suckin’ on a blow pop, green apple, it’s rich and saccharine and the viscous green juice nearly dribbles down your chin you crunch into the candy coating and the bubblegum takes over for like, three minutes before it turns into flavorless rubber. You spit it out. The gum doesn’t last long but that’s why it’s so good.

You ever seen that N64 kid YouTube video? Smash that there link right quick. You know why he’s so excited? Zelda, that’s fucking why.

Tokyo’s Kazuya Suwa gets his kicks making forward-looking electronic music. It sounds like ^^^all that^^^ and more. Bathe in his new drop while you eat a nerds rope. It is called a first question and big yes and you can stream it below. Cop the tape here via Onmyōdō Cassette.

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