♫♪  Kelela - “AQUAPHORIA”

Alright I’ll just say it: this mix is suffused with luminosity.

Let me explain:

I put on AQUAPHORIA this morning while ~drinking my coffee~. It’s a nifty little mix that dropped June 28th as part of NTS’s three-day WXAXRXP broadcast. I saw that the mix contained a playlist of ambient-y and new age-y type joints with Kelela vocals over top. I also saw Jaco Pastorius’s name on the tracklist, and well, Jaco paired with Kelela vocals seemed bonkers, so I lurched forward to smash that play button.

And good God. How could I have known that Kelela singing over this would be the highlight of my week? That Kelela would drop a mix of irresistible sanguinity with her vocals dripping over top like grenadine?

Okay I’m gonna go back to listening to this and then dive into the discographies of some of the artists here that I’ve never listened to before. Join me, will you? Stream below.

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