♫♪  Ken Camden - “eta carinae”

Ken Camden has not allowed the guitar to hinder him in any way. In fact, its pretty unbelievable the amount of noise he can produce with the instrument. Off of his upcoming album, Space Mirror, “eta carinae” is the beginning of an intergalactic odyssey. The processed strums in the first minute of the song imitate the footsteps of heavy space boots illuminating LED-set floor tiles of a space station orbiting Jupiter’s moon Titan. The space station has an artificial gravity field, and the footsteps lead down gleaming white hallways marred with knobs and screens displaying status updates and important messages. Finally, as the guitars reach a surprisingly intimate climax, full of self-contained grandeur and delicate reverb, the footsteps end at the observation deck to the ship’s main control room, where a massive window overlooks the moon in all its glory. The effect is tantalizing and dramatic, a nice preview for an album that will surely harken to distant galaxies and a shiny, white future.

• Ken Camden: https://www.facebook.com/ken.camden.3

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