Kendrick Lamar feat. Jay-Z
“Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” (Remix)

Sometimes when you’re huffing duster at 1:30 AM and cumming at the same time, it feels like 90 years of ghost/haunted seamen just unleashes its way out and messes everything. Yet there’s something poignant there, but I totally bailed on thought to pixkk up technology and write shit right here. But about what? “Sometimes I need to pee alone.” Remember Jay-Z cashing in on Kendrick Lamar’s sleeper hit “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” by “remixing” it? Oh, cool! But look at that pic above: Kendrick is FARR from Kobe. Jay-Z maaaaay be more like Reggie Miller. A Kobe and Jordan one-on-one wouldn’t even be fun to watch. Okay, it might be fun to watch Jordan still slam a bitch in 2013.

HAHAHA — holy shit, you should go to Jay-Z’s website. It’s like the end of a hockey game and finding a bunch of deflated BOOM-STICKS. Or going to Wal-Mart and finding American Gangster in the New Releases section. Wait, good kid, m.A.A.d city was sold exclusively at Wal-Marts, right? Like that one AC/DC joint? But what’s new this year? What trumps both Jay-Z and Kendrick combined? You got that clipping. going in WAY hard. The Underachievers also bumps. What’s this, killing a vibe? No. Earl keeping it 10-second drum solo every 10 seconds. And Danny Brown wants to touch children everywhere with his music.

Don’t kill your vibe, Kendrick? You killed it yourself. A year later. With Jay-Z. Riding in a game that advances faster than you made your last album.

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