♫♪  Kevin Greenspon - “Maroon Bells”

Ahhh… springtime is upon us. The lilies are in bloom, I am sneezing uncontrollably, my eyes are itching, there are mosquito-eaters all over the place, and ambient music just got a whole lot more melodic up in here. Even Kevin Greenspon is making tunes fit for a picnic in a field of dandelions. His new album, Maroon Bells, contains six pieces of joyful noise to really clear those sinuses. According to Greenspon, all the sounds are free of “synthesizer or computer or electronic stuff like that” — just guitar and some cool effects. The piece we can hear digitally is certainly more song-like than a lot of Greenspon’s previous recordings and doesn’t disintegrate in lovely Kevin Greenspon fashion until the last few seconds. Also, apparently the record is “the first official follow-up” to the wondrous 2010 releases Unveiling and Common Objects. Cool, huh? Git it meow from Bridgetown Records.

• Kevin Greenspon: http://www.kevingreenspon.info
• Bridgetown: http://www.bridgetownrecords.info

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