♫♪  Kevin Hufnagel - “Pulse Controller”

Kevin Hufnagel drops you directly into it with the first track off of his latest release Messages From the Past. The muted guitar riff that loops in “Pulse Controller” lays down an unsettling and creepy cadence that reels you in right from the beginning. A virtuoso of stringed instruments, as well as composition, Hufnagel layers riff upon riff, building tension and while also expanding dimensions.

At dusk, the withered warlock scurries into the erstwhile forest, followed by four cloaked figures. Calling upon the ancients, the warlock begins reciting the incantation as a whisper, and he modifies his stride to reflect the emphasis of the sixth syllable. The four cloaked figures spread out in an effort to entrap their mark. Yet, with each sixth step, the warlock crescendoes his multiplicative chant, and every sixth step becomes the step of another and another. Soon, the four cloaked figures stop their pursuit, overwhelmed by the proliferation of warlocks and the swell of the sound of every sixth syllable and step.

Messages From the Past came out on June 29 and is available via Translation Loss digitally and on CD.

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