♫♪  Khaki Blazer - Didn’t Have To Cut

Patrick Modugno’s Khaki Blazer project sounds as if Dakim and Foodman got busy inside a recycling plant and pooped out a lil baby lathered in alien tones. Chopped, funny, jutting, woozy, and always searching through a junk drawer for a pipecleaner, his goopy creations rattle your pink insides to near discomfort. In a good way.

Though, with his latest album Didn’t Have To Cut, things feel a bit different. Gone are the ultra-frenetic hyper-cuts, and welcomed are a collection of drowsy purple vibes mixed with some harsh noise and droney handshakes. The whole album feels like when you meet up with an old friend and they seem a bit more beaten down than you’re used to, but in reality, they’ve likely just traded in unconditional youthful enthusiasm for a more guarded, complex mindset. They’re still a goddamn hoot, just wiser. Dig?

Didn’t Have To Cut is part of Hausu Mountain’s “Cool Zones Batch” which came out last Friday. Scope out the other bonkers releases over here, and listen to Didn’t Have To Cut in its entirety below:

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