♫♪  Kid Smpl - “Escape Pod”

It’d be easy to draw comparisons between Seattle’s Kid Smpl and Burial, and all of those comparisons would likely be valid. But while Burial tends to be praised for soundtracking dark cityscapes, “Escape Pod,” the new one from Kid Smpl, feels much more lost-at-sea than walking-home-in-the-city. The only sounds are the captain’s laments carried out over a dark ocean, touched by rain and scattered with debris from sunken ships lightly tapping against the boat. No resolution but the melancholy carried outward toward the horizon on black ripples of freezing waters. Chilling.

Listen to it below and buy the entire EP from Hush Hush Records.

• Kid Smpl: http://soundcloud.com/kidsimpledubs
• Hush Hush Records: http://hushhushrecords.bandcamp.com

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