♫♪  Kids On A Crime Spree - “Creep The Creeps”

You’ve gotta figure that the Brill Building’d be the perfect target for a smash ’n’ grab — if you need a new smash hit. But if we’re grooving to the Slow Movement, why not Slow Crime? Stripping back that gold-plated exterior might not be a job for the young and impatient, rather a definite labor of love for romantic souls dedicated to appropriating the past and using it to their own nefarious yet oh-so-delightful ends.

On the “Creep the Creeps” 7-inch, Kids On A Crime Spree, who we last heard from in 2011 (TMT Review) are still lovin’ us so bad it’s good, and in the tongue-locking process giving us monoBack to Mono, that is. Here, their indie twee influences are just about winning a wrestling match with Wall of Sound girl group meets garage vibes, but it’s a friendly bout. If you listen hard, you can even hear some new wave pop punk in there — gentlemen prefer Blondies. And let me ask, is there any song that handclaps don’t make better? Catch the clap!

• Kids On A Crime Spree: http://koacs.tumblr.com
• Slumberland: http://www.slumberlandrecords.com

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