♫♪  Kim Myhr & Jenny Hval / Trondheim Jazz Orchestra - “Mass”


Says the targeted advertisement of the side of the page (if you’re getting the same ads as me, at least). I couldn’t think of a better call to action though for this collaborative track from Kim Myhr, Jenny Hval, and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. Kim Myhr released an incredible album of “how is this even a guitar?” work a couple years back, and unless you’ve been sitting in your basement working on your personalized Project M mods (hi) for the last few years, you’ll also know that Jenny Hval has been kicking music’s ass lately. So what’s not to love? Oh you’ve got stages to design? Loop that shit, turn it into a .brstm file, and that’s your Ganon’s Tower stage music. Done. Mangia.

*Pretty sure we get to charge you an advertising bonus for this one, Bertolli.

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