♫♪  Kirill Mazhai - You Don’t Belong

Fading now. In the morning, these days. Trying to enjoy every last piece of dark matter dust. Still night when waking up for work, still. In the summer even. Never fully committing to follow through any dreams. Sucking all the remanence of last night. A crisp, clean Champion sweatshirt that reminds you of sex. Petrification now sets in after orgasming, alone. There’s no buzzkill bigger than going through things. Or is intimacy adaptive of solo-self. Can one be intimate with one’s self? Again: alone.

Belief is faith in finding help when needed. If you been lost: Google Maps. If you’ve been trifling: Snapchat. If you been outcast: You Don’t Belong. Brought to you by the doctor of spacial sonics, Kirill Mazhai brings listeners a suite of seven tracks just oozing with enriched longing and static relief. Out not on digital, cassette (sold out), and CD (still in stock) via Shimmering Moods Records. Good morning; it’s time to drift away:

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