♫♪  Kishi Bashi - Lighght

Prepare for the onslaught of cuteness. Don’t let the cover-art fool you, listener. Kishi Bashi is actually wielding the most colorfully decorative sword on the other side of that horse, and is about to do some ear slashing! Weirdly too, the morning before hearing Lighght for the first time, I was thinking, “Shit, I’m tried of Sirus XM playing garbage. When’s that REAL charming/adorbz album coming out that I’ll connect with?” Well, I shoulda looked toward the hammer fall of Joyful Noise Recordings’ relentless persistence in producing everything of pure contentment.

Like, Lighght may or may not leave you breathless, it just depends on how much heart Kishi Bashi has to build up inside you. And when I type “heart” I don’t mean spirit or none of that bullshit. I mean that Kano fatality. Lighght will end you. Joyful Noise knows this too, so they poppin’ it off on black and yellow vinyls and CD next Tuesday for y’all to dig on, you know? No? Now you do. Pre-order here. So let Kishi Bashi provide you that slow death of smile below with Lighght:

• Kishi Bashi: http://www.kishibashi.com
• Joyful Noise Recordings: http://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com

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