♫♪  Klassy - Dirty Cortez

For those too cozy to head where there isn’t a Whole Foods within dog walking distance, the significance of Nike Cortez shoes might not be anything more than a vague marker of a “street look.” Here to school the untested is Klassy, a 21-year-old artist from the 213 who coasts over beats that could be older than she is. Dirty Cortez is her debut rap project on Beatrock Music, and it’s as much about the (in)famous sneakers as the legacy of the dirty gringo the shoe is named after. From concept and cover alone, one might expect the music to be piercing like cleats on pinkies. Instead, it sounds like Klassy just copped a new pair of insoles, ‘cause every stride she makes from verse to swimmingly sung chorus feels at ease. Should our doom sound so dulcet? Is it alright to nod and smize to this??

Ugggfffh, just let me be and admit your soul’s tapping on the too:

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