♫♪  Knablinz - Orbital Pause [Side A]

Marmalade anyone?

G.O.A.T. Beetz proprietor and main contributor Knablinz brings the goods. That’s been known. Now, he gets to try his hand at delivering slaps for another label. I’m looking your way, Lunar Tapes. *wink*

As with all Knablinz releases, his new one, Orbital Pause, dances across all genres and realms. At one moment exotica mingles with psych, then snapping drums intertwine with raw loops. It’s truly a thing of beauty. Birds chirp, lasers shoot, and gosh darn it if all doesn’t fit so well together. How lucky are we, huh?!

Orbital Pause releases in full on 12/3/18 in a home-dubbed edition of 100 cassettes. In the meantime, listen to the A side of the tape below:

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