♫♪  Kobayashi Yamato - 商業的な仕事 1993 – 2004

Kobayashi Yamato, maker of this wonder, blew up last year after lurkin’ in the shadows for the past twenty years. Well, maybe “blew up” isn’t exactly the right phrase, but he is finally starting to get known, so that’s good. Now, I don’t want to spill any of the big fat hot juicy beans of his recent interview with Dream Catalogue™ — the very folks who released 商業的な仕事 1993 – 2004 — but I will say that it’s cold outside, very cold, depending on where you live.

Go ahead and listen to some of Yamato’s finest compositions of video game music, spa soundtracks, and jingles below, and don’t forget to get your read on with that interview. And just in case you missed it, here it is again. And again here. And also here. ( ´͈ ◡ `͈ )

• Kobayashi Yamato: https://pleasantspecter.bandcamp.com
• Dream Catalogue™: https://dreamcatalogue.bandcamp.com

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