♫♪  The Koreatown Oddity - ROOSTER

I dig the idea that beat tapes are omnivorous creatures, ramblers sewn together to hurl the listener into a Warheads pucker with each well-timed screw. If successful, the jags should fold into the artist’s own jumble. With ROOSTER, the latest from LA based MC/producer and Stones Throw affiliate The Koreatown Oddity, the far-flung extracts don’t sound completely reined in. This is no slight to the maker, for the effect is ideally dizzying. It’s somewhere between online portal hopping and aimless subway riding, where space-time limitations are ducked but the inhaled romance of getting off at a random stop is alive and kicking.

Hop on at Strictly Cassette here, and stay for as long as your steaming dome permits.

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