Kraken Mare
“End Ordovician” [excerpt]

Now THIS is what I call creative vision. Behind Kraken Mare (Adam Harris, owner of Retrograde Tapes)’s new 30-minute cassette tape Iapetus Ocean on Skell LLC is a world of mystery. Now, I heard the pre-pre production of a track or two off this, and it was NOT the same sound. There was much more fuzz, and I wasn’t into it. But “End Ordovician” is so crisp in sight and personal journey for the listener that’s it’s impossible to not envision something dramatic: Sounds created from what emerges as the world within mountains. Echoing insects never seen by the human eye but heard by ear. Coelenterata-like creatures softly caressing the sides and walls and cracks within, brushing tails against brine and sharp fragile and breaking rocks and minerals. As the cover art suggests, I personally see a slow blight from the dingy depths of darkness to murky sullen light at the top. Reaching toward the cloud floor. It’s all in effect. And Skell Recodings released Iapetus Ocean on the first of this month, so… WHAT ARE YOU STILL READING THIS FOR???

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