♫♪  Kreng - Works For Abattoir Fermé 2007-2011 [preview]

If there were ever a noise that could make the entire world crap their pants at once, Kreng would be the musician to create it. Working with a palette of tones in dark shades of brown, black, and gray, Belgian composer Pepijn Caudron has been making bowels rumble and poops dribble for years. By sampling eerie, haunting recordings from the past while lathering layers of rich drone and molasses-covered symphonies, Kreng makes some of the most original and frightening ambient music out there. Last year he released a record called Grimoire, and it made our list of favorite albums from 2011.

Turns out, this whole time (since 2007), Kreng has been making music for Belgium-based theater group Abattoir Fermé. As you might presume, the theater company specializes in dark, strange, graphic productions, which work splendidly with Kreng’s startling score. Released by Miasmah Recordings, Works for Abattoir Fermé 2007-2011 is a collection of pieces recorded for four separate plays and several episodes of an equally bizarre television show called “Monster!”, set for release on October 5. Miasmah has provided a sort-of overture of several pieces from the compilation on their SoundCloud, which can be heard below. Check out some clips from the Abattoir Fermé site, and order the whopping 4LP+10-inch box set from Miasmah.

• Abattoir Fermé: http://abattoirferme.tumblr.com
• Kreng: http://www.miasmah.com/recordings/kreng.html
• Miasmah: http://www.miasmah.com/recordings/index.html

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