♫♪  Kriegsmaschine - “Residual blight”

Balance is achieved from off-kilter riffs, slipping without and within, to set straight the uneven plane, through half-step reps, drifting backward and forth at 125 bpm. A feeling of being at ease while still sitting at the edge of your seat; Kriegsmaschine’s razor guitars bleed steadily augustine.

Yet when equidistant, the anomaly resolves itself with a shift in tempo and key. That which was an itch, has become a salve to soothe. A slaking of the thirst, to drench the unquenched. A precision and clarity unrivaled, the percussion grabs hold of the rudder from the strings, to set course for the foreknown. A hypnotic halftime lulls you into a rhythmic embrace, from which you will not escape.

Like a trail left behind, to lead the faithful out, now ’tis clear it is a trap to ensnare all those who expressed doubt.

Apocalypticists stormed the gate via No Solace” on October 21!

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