♫♪  Kunlun - “Time 4”

Lore Vanelslande

Having listened to previous Kunlun releases, I’m ultra stoked on what Max (a.k.a. Kunlun, a.k.a. Black Zone Myth Chant, a.k.a. High Wolf) has cooked up on his newest LP Time Remaining Unknown dropping via audioMER March 25. Only providing us with a taste, “Time 4” drops in a synthetic array of non-visually colored elements that drip-dry a brain squeeze itching to be juiced. A beat composed within layers of blips and bloops, swirling a drain pipe that leads into an uroburos tightening like a slipknot, closing in on that pigeonhole, and then widening that gap to allow maximum imagination. So get pumped. “Time 4” is technically the tip. Kunlun has much more in store.

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