♫♪  Kurt Vile - “The Creature”

Continuing with his chill-chug, “It’s okay, but I’m growin’ older, man,” theme, Matador Records is due to release Kurt Vile’s So Outta Reach EP on 12-inch and digital formats November 8, because he ain’t getting any younger. And this EP does what EPs do; it’s an extended play of five tracks recorded with Smoke Ring For My Halo, featuring songs originally intended to be on that longplay. Oh, and he finally did-it-on-em by covering Bruce Springsteen’s “Downbound Train,” included on the EP. It will also be sold with the new deluxe 2-CD version of Smoke Ring For My Halo.

So, “The Creature” is just a tease-track, because if I can’t get the whole thing, you can’t! We all do eventually, though (if we want it), ‘cause every day is Christmas on the internet. But the fall is coming and you’re getting older. Let Kurt Vile try and calm ya. Maturing is confusing in the digital age.

• Kurt Vile: http://kurtvile.com
• Matador Records: http://www.matadorrecords.com

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