♫♪  L4-E - “Hybridity”

If I’ve learned anything from reading Solaris so far (I’m in the middle of it), it’s that contact will likely never be made between human beings and extraterrestrial life. Who’s to say that we would even recognize it as life, as intelligence, to begin with? The universe is vast and weird, desperately unfathomable. So we impose ourselves, our stories, on it in order to box it in and gain a foothold on potential knowability.

New Zealand producer L4-E has imposed THE SHIT out of the human experience with the universe upon Future Phaze, the forthcoming digital record on Sydney label Eco Futurism Corporation. Embracing sci-fi tropes like they were a wriggling armful of baby eels trying to escape the grasp of a toddler, L4-E barrels headlong toward the notion that we’re not alone out there and that we’ve actually been in contact with extraterrestrials following our mea culpa for the whole “Roswell debacle.” Is “debacle” too forgiving a word for the thing where we murdered members of an unknown culture out of fear and then dissected their bodies? I’m seriously asking — I need someone to confirm this for my peace of mind.

Thus “Hybridity” is dropped, right in our lap, a breakneck electronic signpost broadcasting the merging of ET tech and ours. And that might not be all — the urgency suggests maybe we’ve got some DNA merging here too, and it might be too late to stop it. Us with them? Them with other Earth life forms? Earth life forms with other Earth life forms? Us with other Earth life forms? Snakes with scorpions and butterflies and moles? I mean, look at that cover there, concocted in the mind of Eco Futurism Corp member Gem Tree — I have no idea. Maybe that’s what human beings will look like in a few million years.

Blast off into the unknown when the rest of Future Phaze’s mad technological breakbeaty goodness drops February 17. I’ve got my ticket — it cost a cool US$150 million (for the ticket to space; the record is only three euros).


1. Contact
2. Birds
3. Helium Reactor
4. Kiss
5. Bloodglow
6. Votive Offering
7. Hybridity
8. Winter Orbit
9. Contact edit (ft. tropical interface)
10. Helium Rector (tropical interface operated)
11. Bloodglow (Gem Tree Recycle)
12. Votive Offering (tropical interface upgrade)
13. Votive Offering (HERBARIUM Remix)

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