♫♪  La Big Vic - “All That Heaven Allows” (feat. Alienboy)

The way people fetishize the decades in which they acclimated to solid food and co-opted fashion or even anachronistic technology (tech-cum-fashion) is a re-remembering of the past. It highlights and exaggerates the best parts while ignoring the bad and unremarkable. La Big Vic’s new track “All That Heaven Allows” (feat. Alienboy) from their forthcoming album, Cold War, is how I like to re-remember my pre-adolescence. I’m imagining it playing at the rollerskating rink when I was eight years old and trying to flirt with a girls in puff-paint sweatshirts. It takes my focus off the bad haircuts. LBV’s “All that Heaven Allows” is pure joy, bubbly and infectious with synth lines nuzzled underneath (ex-TMTer/Visitation Rites founder/and AdHoc editor) Emilie Friedlander’s Debbie Harry-esque croon. As it plays, I can’t help but picture myself skating backwards and confidently shaking my elbows, even though I could do neither of those things.

Hear the entirety of Cold War via Noisey, and look for the album January 29 on Underwater Peoples.

• La Big Vic: https://soundcloud.com/labigvic
• Underwater Peoples: http://underwaterpeoples.com

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