♫♪  LADY COP - “heat”

In one of the more genuine edits of the year of one of the deeper cuts of the year, LADY COP molds Drake’s “Heat of the Moment” from a straightforward R&B slow-burner to an atmospheric headspace. Citing “hackers” as the reason for the post-birthday celebration, the most champagne room of three sudden drops by wheelchair Jimmy comes through with Drakeisms we’ve come to cherish: the rap game is lacking in originality; Drake is at times young and reckless but understands his actions have negative effects on the ones he cares about; Rihanna; all these girls around him are only interested in the fame and money, except you, girl; reflection.

LADY COP’s only track builds off 40’s foundation, swirling and searching in another zone, only to end up right back where “Heat of the Moment” exists. The deconstruction inside LADY COP’s edit acts like a comedown, existing between total originality and post hoc analysis. It’s in the same neighborhood DJ Khaled stays.

And I say “well, goddamn.”

• LADY COP: https://soundcloud.com/lady-cop

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