♫♪  Lauren Devine - folkLaur

After showing us how to do dubai and urging us to try sexual, Lauren Devine is more than just a little ready to take over the world. With production help from Ryan Trecartin, Nightfeelings (Nick Weiss of Teengirl Fantasy), Michael Beharie, Sam Mehran (Test Icicles), Yen Tech, and more, the self-described “full time muse” and “part time popstar” has finally released her first full-length album, folkLaure, whose radiant mythology stems not from the beliefs, legends, and customs of “the people,” but from the beliefs, legends, and customs of the virtualized mainstream, a simulacrum of flesh and blood and unsubstantiated nothingness/wholeness. The performance — not performance art, but a performance of pop culture itself — is on full DISplay for our awe, bewilderment, and enjoyment, a pop effigy lovingly sculpted and then airbrushed after the conceptual turn.

Experience folkLaur here:

• Lauren Devine: http://www.laurendevine.net

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