♫♪  Le Makeup - End Roll

It’s been with joy that I’ve followed Le Makeup’s many self-released singles and EPs. The latest three-track offering End Roll, effortlessly expresses the warm guitars, plucky vocals, and trap-inflected instrumentals I’ve come to love in that library but delivers these motifs with a very fresh-sounding ease and confidence.

“Spotlight” carries feelings of external pressures prompting internal struggles to be overcome, similar to Drake’s pathos when he sing-raps about money, love, fame, family, or life’s other fundamentals that invite the most extreme turmoils. “Mienai” explores the electric guitar’s full emo potential while “End Roll” opens with a charmingly default-sounding piano roll that continues through another emotionally-charged ballad.

Le Makeup has something to say and is articulating it with graceful force. He’s turning the pockets of his work inside out and skillfully arranging the little truths that thence fall.

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