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First things first, let’s get it out of the way that Tree House’s album cover, with a photo of Le1f doing his best Grey Gardens impression in vintage fur, is the best shit ever. Now let’s get to the music, which pulls in producers like The-Drum and Boody to make what is probably the smoothest, chillest, most relaxed release of his career thus far. Le1f eases down his flow at times to a sing-songy echo, and firmly rides one beautiful, shimmering vibe throughout that meets somewhere between Future’s post-production croon, 90s slow jams and some of the avant-R&B of artists like SZA and Kelela. Worldplay is strong as ever: Le1f repeats the chorus to his current favorite song “Free Kiki” so often that it blends together into “freakkkkyyy,” and a spokenword about “cocoa butter” is a truly important call to arms for more sexiness in the world. Le1f’s heading on tour for the tape, the dates for which you can check out below.

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Last month, Le1f shared a suave new grinder, Damn Son, and announced a follow-up mixtape to January’s Fly Zone. That follow-up is Tree House, and you can stream it in all its lazy-beat glory today.

Tree House sounds crisper and more mature than Fly Zone, with Le1f’s syrupy flow effortlessly wrapping around muffled beats, fizzed-out percussion and unusual additions like dripping water and snaps. You can listen to the mixtape all day, and check out the dates for Le1f’s upcoming Tree House Party Tour, below.

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• Le1f: http://le1f.com

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