♫♪  lee (asano+ryuhei) - 55555

Rising voice out of Japan and Thailand, things are coming full circle for lee (real name Ryuhei Asano). A few years after popping up on Tumblr blog Awd Castles (now Odd Castles), lee found home court solace with OC and released ( u _ u ) (copies still available!). His Youtube page stands as a breathing collage of lee’s work that Bort and I are school girls about. Sessions with like-minded friend Youtaro, freestyles urban and rural, tape splices and collaborations with Bugseed – lee is a creator, an incredibly talented artist in stride.

In his latest, like many of his before, lee merges his love of beat and rap. This round’s love has eyes for 50 Cent (who was shown love on Bootleg Tapes last month). 55555 seems thoroughly messy. 50’s voice is thrown at lee’s instrumentals like eggs to a wall and left to dry. Coming back after some time in the sun, the heat has erased any polar evidence, simply leaving a mark. And, like any student of a scientific method, lee recorded his initial findings in the 55555 instrumentals.

• lee (asano+ryuhei): https://soundcloud.com/leeeeeeee
• lee (asano+ryuhei): http://leeeeee.bandcamp.com

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