♫♪  Lee Noble - “Ghost of Structure”

What’s scarier: losing sleep over an Annie Lennox joint or this? The answer is Lee Noble’s new Horrorism 12-inch on Bathetic Records, duh-ruuuur. Mmm, I’m not totally familiar with Lee Noble’s work, but upon first glance it appears I have been subconsciously stalking him. This year, he’s been on three of my staple-labels: Deep Tapes, Sweat Lodge Guru, and Bridgetown Records, and he’s a big-reeler. Did I mention he’s TMT’s own Lee Michael? #plug His brand of drift/spook-pop isn’t far from his fellow progressive “pop” peers: dub-pop, grivewave-pop, nuweird-pop. And with “Ghost of Structure,” the song’s first beat *cranial*, afloat melody, and fleeting guitar and flute rifts, pulling you along serene-seas of fuzz blanket-ism. October 4 on Bathetic Records, keeeeeed. Get the Horrorism 12-inch in time to scare them zones out’cha mind.

• Lee Noble: http://leenoble.bandcamp.com
• Bathetic Records: http://www.batheticrecords.com

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