♫♪  LEEIII - “a1b3d0 dJ :: ANGELIC CLUB ::”

The latest mix from LEEIII (a.k.a. Lee Three) is titled “a1b3d0 dJ :: ANGELIC CLUB ::,” and no, it’s not just Julianna Barwick samples. LEEIII creates a universe where angels aren’t nice white people with wings, but creatures fully affected and hardened by violence and technology. It’s Gundam Wing grime. It’s where everyone went who didn’t want to go to that Zion rave. I maybe would have said that this mix is predicting an apocalyptic future, but based on the violence around the world that people are attempting to suffocate with a perpetual shower of hashtags and ice, it seems moreso a read on today. Thankfully, LEEIII creates a safe haven that translates the less-than-perfect today into a fully danceable experience.

• Sharda: https://soundcloud.com/leeiiithree

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