♫♪  L.E.S Douze - The Stoned

One single track, yet a lifetime of possibilities. L.E.S Douze, armed with a brand new offering via Arnaudville, Louisana’s southern experimentalists Nouveau Electric, are in the room with you as every last bit of percussion and fire-breathing woodwind inhales and exhales like glorious evening light. Described as a “deep dive into Cajun music’s subconscious,” “Avenue C & 2nd Street” is sublime geography. Drone doesn’t quite describe it; there’s plenty of movement here, despite the feeling that you’re absolutely, jaw-droppingly still in a world of total movement. Passages are akin to television channels switching back and forth, or an anxious walk down the block, as the sounds of street hawkers, train lines and other concrete ephemera blend into gorgeous chaos.

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